"Beri aku pelajaran TERSULIT, aku akan BELAJAR" Maryamah Karpov

Wajahku sujud kepada Allah yang menciptakannya, dan yang membuka pendengaran dan penglihatannya

Dengan daya dan kekuatan dari-Nya, maka Maha Suci Allah, Sebaik-baik pencipta

(Tilawah Sajadah)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Future Family is Our Future Language


It is not easy to learn the new language. Although language is something unique and interesting. Today I met a woman. 35 years old I thought when she called and given "salam" to me. "Assalamu'alaikum." She greeted me. I saw her and she smiled to me warmly. 

"Alaikum salam wr." I answered by smiling.

we were waiting the train together at that moment.

"can you speak English?" She asked me..
"Yes, alhamdulillah." I answered her with my warm smiling too.


We jumped into small conversation since she seemed interested to have conversation with me. And in the same time the train was coming. We entered the train and unfortunately there was no space chairs for us to have a sit. Finally we stand up together. So far, the conversation continued. 
she told everything and how interest she was to Indonesia. Belongs to me of course. I just smiled while were listening her. I was surprised so much since she is a Turkish, but she has a good ability in English very well. And I became more surprised since she is 54 years old. It is so fantastic age. I can't imagine that. she looks younger than her age it was. She looks so smart. She told me about her family. And I do really really felt fantastic by listening her statement when I asked "How can you learn your English very well?"

And she told me her secret "It just become our habit in the family. We support each other to use some foreign language in the house. And every people loved it. We love to use different languages, such us English and Arabic. We learn very easy the languages. and we do really enjoy learning those. Please contact and come to my house. And let's we have some topics further." imagination was smiling deeply and said to my self "I will do it to my future family in sha Allah..." 

SPIRIT to learn different Languages as much as possible...#YES BISMILLAH

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