"Beri aku pelajaran TERSULIT, aku akan BELAJAR" Maryamah Karpov

Wajahku sujud kepada Allah yang menciptakannya, dan yang membuka pendengaran dan penglihatannya

Dengan daya dan kekuatan dari-Nya, maka Maha Suci Allah, Sebaik-baik pencipta

(Tilawah Sajadah)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Catcil #Kuliah Psikology 1

Psikologi memandang bahwa pribadi kreatif dapat ditinjau dari perspektif humanistik dan psikoanalisa.

2nd core concept is d belief that to teach skillfully, we must have as much knowledge about students as possible: needs, characteristics ,differences

seems too simple to say that educational psychology is the psychology of learning and teaching. 

Glover and Ronning (1987, p.14) includes topics that span human development, individual differences, measurement, learning, and motivation

A priority in educational psychology is understanding the learning process, that is; the procedures and strategies that students use to acquire new information

If you become a regular classroom teacher, you will come into contact with one or more students who are exceptional. There are many different types of exceptional students, including the gifted and talented, as well as students experiencing sensory handicaps, communication disorders, physical and health impairments, behavior disorders, learning disabilities, and mental retardation

Questions like the following are about pedagogical knowledge. Am I sufficiently prepared in this subject to know the best way to introduce it? What is the best way to teach its core elements? What is the best way to evaluate my students? To answer these questions, you must have usable knowledge about teaching, learning, and students (Borko & Putnam, 1996). 

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