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Monday, October 19, 2015

A Smog Letter from Turkey For I don’t know where I am supposed to deliver

A Smog Letter from Turkey
For I don’t know where I am supposed to deliver

Dear my homeland, I don't know how I can describe this picture. It seems like a so strange place that I have never seen it before. There was a moment that I still remember it very strongly. I came back home to summer holiday last year. Every place was green, blue, white, and relieved. It was the most beautiful green place that I have ever seen. BUT right now every piece of my homeland is differing. It is dark, dangerous, sorrowful and truly in a critical situation.

I ask my sisters, my friends, and my brothers, what is going on over there? What happened in my homeland? It’s just like living in a very sorrow story that I have never imagined. It is more frightening than films have ever shown.

Dear my homeland, I don’t know where I am supposed to deliver my worthless letter. Maybe the pictures seem like something hyperbole or something very sarcasm. But in fact, it’s just a small piece of those truly frightening. FACT the situation is more dreadful than this picturing, UNSPEAKABLE!
Dear my homeland, I read a lot of news and see a lot of pictures. It explains about how dangerous the situation it is. How can mothers take a breath when a lot of babies are difficult to take a breath, how can fathers get sleep when they can't go to have a job. There are thousands of students that can't go to school; teachers can't stop to think how their students face final exam in the critical situation.

We don't want to blame anyone in this case actually. We try to realize - “maybe” - "they" have tried hard to solve this serious problem. But situation shows us that there is still no significant change in smog.

The flight had been totally collapsing since two months ago (Jambi Airport, 26th of August, 2015). Babies get ISPA - Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) in very large number. It is difficult to count how much in reality. Old and young people get a hard cough. Our homeland is going to be lost city. Unfortunately, where we can tell this harmful disaster?

‪#‎Pray‬ for Jambi, Riau and Kalimantan
#Pray for Indonesia
Ankara, 19th of October, 2015
Written by: Evi Marlina, A Master Student of Educational Psychology, Ankara University - Turkey.

Pictures References:
1. Picture was taken on 18th of October, 2015 at 12:30 PM Located in Jambi Province. By Jambi society.
2. Was taken on 19th of October, 2015 at 06:30 AM Located in Palangka Raya, Kalimantan. By Sahabat Alam.
3. Was taken on 6th of October, 2015 Located in Batanghari, Jambi Province. By AL-ARDVICI team.
Thank you for everybody who sent a lot of pictures and who supported to solve SMOG DISASTER in Kalimantan and Sumatera Island. Further you also can involve in solving this problem at least by donating to trusted foundation in Indonesia.

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